About Us

PT. Perwira Sarana Mandiri

Known as PSM Petro, is a company that focuses on Measuring and Sampling Equipments in the Petroleum and Marine sectors.

Our Company offers wide range of equipments and accessories which are used generally in the manufacturing of equipment, service depot / stations, consumer’s sites, bulk terminals, oil tanker company, independent surveyor, chemical industry, aircraft refueling operations and other oil related industries.

Today, our company has become authorized distributors of many petroleum & marine equipment product brands for Indonesia area, which serves big either small scale with competitive prices

AllaFrance, France Hydrometers, Thermometers, Alcoholmeters
Brightstar, USASafety FlashLight
Richter, GermanyTank Dipping Tapes
ThermoProbe, USADigital Tank Thermometers, Digital Laboratory Thermometers
KolorKut, USAGasoline Gauging Pasta, Water Finding Pasta
Koehler Instrument, USAWeighted Beaker, Bacon Bomb Samplers, LPG Sampler
ZoneDevices, CanadaZone Sampler

PSM Petro is a dynamic company who is willing to widen the scope of business activities and to discusswith the customer needs to meet in the ever changing market demand.

Our Vision

 is to be the most reliable and leading company in petroleum and marine equipment business in Indonesia.

Our Policy

is to provide the customer needs in petroleum sector and industry through our quality service and competitive pricing.

Our Services

Delivery Service

With our standard safety packaging, we provide a delivery service of goods to all regions of Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke.

Metrology Certificates

On request, many of our instruments and products can be delivered with a Calibration Certificate from Indonesia Official Calibration Laboratory.

After-Sales Services

We provide spare part and services for certain product categories, as our product quality assurance.

We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you now and well into the future.
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