Safety Flashlight #2224 Series


3D Cells Flashflight with safety approval to be used in hazardous atmospheres, waterproof, 15000 bean Candle Power


Power Source: Carbon Zinc only, 3D Cells
Bulb/Lamp: PR-3
Bulb/Lamp Life: 15hours
Light output: 15,000 beam Candlepower
Weight (without batteries): 0.17kg
Length: 25.1 cm
Width: 5.8 cm (at head)


Lens Ring: Polypropylene (Black)
Lens: Unbreakable Tuflexx
Reflector: ABS
Tube:Polypropylene (Safety Orange)
Contact Strip: Spring brass & tin steel
Switch: Polypropylene
Bottom Cap: Polypropylene (Black)

Product Features:

For use in hazardous atmospheres
Safety Approval: UL/CUL Class I, Div.I, Group C & D ; Class II, Div.1 , Group G
Three-way switch : On-Off Flash
Anti role tube
Circuit breaking mechanism”

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